Introduction: Welcome to Arthea

Arthea is a kingdom, fractured and broken. It is part of a twisted, buckled and broken world. Some say it has been abandoned by its gods. Others blame the wrenching of the world on those who wield magic.

But the world was broken long ago. Now, with healing, the world is recovering, and the people have built new nations, with new kings. And, for now at least, a single king.

The lands of the humans are pulled under a single banner, and a King sits on the throne in the North. Kingdoms of the south dutifully pay their tributes; it was their unification in the first place. The King in the north is a long way off; his subject kingdoms of the south, formerly part of their own Empire, are all self-ruling - how could they be anything else so far away. And the lands of the East, so often the soft target in war, are finally becoming strong. Maybe they'll be the first to challenge the current status quo.

For the peasants, this matters little. Their world was broken by magic, and so in magic they have no trust. They pay taxes and tithes, they worship at their churches, and for the poorest pay their feudal masters by promise of armed service. But these days are peaceful, aren't they? There are no more monsters attacking the lands, or would-be tyrants with legions of orcs, or nearby nations threatening war. Surely, then, no need for an army?

Arthea is a land of peace, a land of trade, and a land of opportunity.

Recent history is dominated by the war of unification, followed so swiftly by a northern king rising and seizing the crown from the Emperor of the south. The six nations of the former Empire are themselves torn with supporters and opponents of this Ticetian King from the north, and political movements seek to strengthen ties with the north. Or sever them. Or subvert the entire kingdom. Or replace the King with an Imperial Heir, if one could be found.

All the while, in the East, the Caldonacians grow in number and so in power. The six kingdoms of the former Empire and the Ticetian ruler are in orbit of each other, and notice little of the rise of their Eastern cousins, a nation that was conquered long ago. What threat could there be?

And what of the Elves in this land? They pay no tribute to the crowns of humans, yet they pay their due taxes when trading with the free people. But their own lands are hidden, kept from the prying eyes and evil intent of the mortals. Unlike the dwarfs, who seem to revel in the splendour and majesty of their halls. Their delves are works of art, and may yet come to rival the greatest delves from before The Great Disaster. The kingdoms of the humans rely on dwarfs for their craft with stone and metal, and their trade benefits all.

This is truly a land of adventure. There are great treasures, mighty magics, powerful foes. And gold.

Arthea is waiting. Adventurers are welcome.

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