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What Is The World of Arthea

This is a fantasy world created for an Epic campaign originally using the AD&D 2 rules, but now expanded and adapted for the D&D 3.5e rule-set. The current incarnation of the campaign setting has been used for many years and has been the backdrop for many campaigns. The world provides a rich background, and has grown and expanded as time has passed and adventures have unfolded.

As you read through the material in this wiki, please bear in mind that some of it is quite old. If you see stuff that isn't quite of the quality you'd like, and feel you can make improvements, then go ahead. If the information here is presented better, it is more usable.


I'm preparing a new toolkit to help players and DMs. Take a look here:


Following a brief revival of the Squires of Eversham, the party appear to have expanded their contacts with specialists who deal with Vampires. This is convenient for them, as they appear to have stirred what could turn out to be a hornet's nest of vampires.

Also note that the Antoma bunch, who have escaped their home town and moved on, leaving a trail of Kings Guards bodies across the wilderness, have asked to pick up the next stage of their story. This is now in the planning stage.

And then the Linnom adventurers moved north, leaving them hanging between towns.

But now there is another set. A smaller, more rural startup. Now, in the colder north.

Please note that the content contained in this wiki is the Copyright © of the respective authors, and may not be used for commercial purposes without the prior written consent, even where no financial gain is made. You are granted a non-commercial personal license to use the contents of this wiki, provided that you:

In summary, you can use this world for whatever you want, provided you don't make any money out of it, or use it to further other money-making activities. You are free to use the world to play games in, just let us all know how you get on. If you add anything to the world that makes it better, then please bring it back to here for us all to share.

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