Background Notes

The original campaign began life in the mid-1980's, and was eventually word-processed on an old Atari ST computer; that campaign ran until not far short of 1990. It overlapped briefly with a second campaign, which went more or less alongside the first, but turned out to be far shorter. The third campaign began life as a re-run of the first, and it drew upon the first campaigns story-lines and villains, and re-used old adventures where possible. It has now progressed beyond the end of that first campaign, and has plenty of new stories and adventures that expand significantly upon the original. A fourth campaign has begun too, set in a different part of the land. The stories and adventures here are new, and bring life to this previously undocumented part of the world.

The documents detailing the world have been re-worked, some could be taken only from the original paper variants, but now include some significant expansion as the world has grown. Parts of the history have been embellished with more detail, and one or two dates straightened for plausibility. The changes included here are also a re-work of the players information, which takes the game from TSR's AD&D V2 rule-set to the WotC 3.5E rules.

This Wiki contains the newest documents and latest changes to the game world (and any modified rules which support it). This wiki is now the definitive source of documentation on Arthea - the paper documents are no longer maintained. Additional contribution to the rich and detailed history here are welcomed. Feel free to join in the storytelling.

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Previous 'Latest' Notes

2013-08-13 - Preparation is now underway for another campaign. Take a look under the Game Logs page for details.

2012-09-10 - Kenduraic is a sleepy little town. Except for all the infighting between the churches. And the orc raids in the outlying farmlands. And the rain. Apart from that, it's idyllic.

2012-05-02 - The latest session saw the party head off in pursuit of a mountain that isn't there any more. They don't know what they'll meet yet - but they know they have to go through Ogre Country to get there. That's if they survive Vampire Country first.

2012-05-06 - Hiring a guide to lead you through Ogre Country might help you avoid getting lost - but the only guide available has only been as far as to Ogre Country. The walk through the mountains is bracing, though. And there don't seem to be many Ogres, either.

2012-05-07 - The party reach the plateau of a mountain that has fallen into a valley. It is important to remember that, when fighting Wights among the huge boulders of this terrain that you do no lose your head. Or your level...

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