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The pages here contain information about the characters and their adventures. As the campaign has unfolded, the characters have been doing good (and no-good) in the pursuit of treasure and glory. Sadly they have not all survived; but those who died in glory have their own place in the hall of fame.

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Players Adventure Notes

These documents have been recovered by the party at various points. These documents may or may not have any significance; depends where you're standing I suppose:

New Campaign Introduction

A new party is coming together for the latest campaign in this series. Unlike previous adventures, this newest party will begin in a small town, and the individuals will have their roots in that community.

The party will begin in the town of Linnom which lies to the west of the city of Mellinara. The town is a hub of agricultural and livestock farming and also has a strong reputation for leather/animal hide goods (including furs as there is a thriving hunting community in the town) and cart-making.

While the resources of the big city are not immediately available here, it is just a short journey to Mellinara (to the east) or Selbern (to the west) for access to these. The town itself is a quiet and peaceful place.

Just to the west of the town is a village that handles the stopover traffic that runs on the road from Mellinara to Selbern. This village is Ponte Allodola, and is a good source of local news from the traders and guard that use it.

Feudally the town is controlled by Baron Ernesto Espaldaverde, who is assisted by Baron Antonio Joven who manages the farmlands to the west and south of the town (including Ponte Allodola). Both these Baronies fall into the territory of the Viscount of Mellinara.

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